Where does our chicken come from and how is made?

Our chicken comes from two leading New Zealand suppliers: Brink’s and Tegal. Both of these suppliers are certified halal, and their chickens are hormone-free.

We create our chicken kebab towers using only use the breast and thigh meat, which are the most tender and juicy parts of the bird. Our chicken is 100% natural it is not processed or pre-cooked.

The chicken gets marinated in our family recipe and is then carefully placed piece by piece into the shape of a ‘tower’ by our trained chef. The chicken kebab tower is then cooked, and each cooked layer is thinly sliced and placed into a bain-marie. This ensures the meat is kept at a safe temperature for consumption.

Chicken meat is always cooked very close to our busiest hours to deliver you delicious fresh chicken!

Where does our lamb come from and how is made?

Our lamb is 100% pure, sourced from leading meat supplier Affco. We never use processed or pre-cooked meat.

Creating a kebab tower requires a special skill, and our trained chef prepares ours fresh every day.

First we mince premium lamb cuts and combine them with authentic spices. Then we assemble the mince into layers in a tower and cook it on a slow heat from a raw state. Once each layer is cooked, the meat is thinly sliced and placed into the bain-marie to be kept under the safe temperature for future consumption.

Our lamb kebab towers are cooked fresh every day to give you the best flavour!

Where does our pita bread come from?

We use a thin style of pita bread sourced from local Lebanese bakery Shefco to create our kebabs. This authentic bread has been around for thousands of years and is a delicious accompaniment to all our fillings.

What is falafel made of?

Our delicious, authentic falafels are made of nothing but chick peas, parsley, and our special spice mix. We deep-fry our falafels in 100% vegetable oil. Our falafels are gluten-, dairy-, and egg-free.

Food and Safety

New Zealand has the highest food standards in the world. Kebabs on Queen has been a food retailer for over 20 years, and we’ve always worked very closely with food and safety consultants to ensure our food operations are at the highest possible standard to deliver safe and fresh food to our customers every day.

Food allergies

While we strive to ensure our gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free menu options are safe for your diet, we cannot guarantee with 100% confidence that cross-contamination between ingredients will not occur.

Certified halal

All of our products come from a certified halal supplier. All of our stores are also individually certified as halal, with the certificate on display in-store. Ask a staff member if you cannot locate it.